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Shell | Onboarding Loyalty


Shell | Onboarding Loyalty



The challenge

64% of customers that pick up a Shell loyalty card don't go on to register

Of the small number that do, only 6% opt in to receiving communications. Our mission was to holistically review the customer journey for new loyalty members, from awareness through to receiving their first communication. Our research would help us produce solutions and guiding principles to: significantly improve the customer experience & value of joining the loyalty scheme, significantly increase the number of registered contactable customers, and maximise investment in the Loyalty CVP’s and CRM communications. 

Once successful, these learnings and solutions were rolled out globally (currently in process). 









MAY - JULY '16


Developing understanding 

Depth research into the customer’s onboarding and joining experience

Our approach is grounded in interdisciplinary research and starts with a deep-dive into the world of our customers. In order to gain insights from this market we teamed up with Wunderman Turkey. We started the process with an initial blueprinting workshop with Shell’s Global Customer Experience Manager, and Turkey’s Loyalty Co-ordinator. We took along a blank customer experience map, and together mapped out the five channels in which a customer can register (SMS, Call Centre, In-store Kiosk, Website and App), along with what we know the customer is doing, thinking and feeling at every step. This initial workshop was an important kick-off for the project, it aligned everyone on the challenge and it highlighted the gaps in our understanding. From this workshop we were able to create a research plan, who we felt was most important to talk to and what research methods would be most effective to engage in. 


What we found

5 key insights 

We found users in villages in Turkey that 'clubbed' their points together, for example a company of truck drivers saved together to buy a wedding present for a young woman in their village. By speaking to franchise owners we discovers a set of insights, including one we believed to be one of the major roots of the problem:

  • Dealers don't believe in ClubSmart and as business owners, they don't understand how the programme benefits them. 
  • Frontline staff have little to say or leverage to encourage customers to sign up to ClubSmart.
  • Customers don't understand points as a currency, the process of collecting is confusing and the reward is not compelling. 
  • Customers feel that frontline staff are unhelpful. 
  • Communications are infrequent, confusing, inconsistent, and the language used increases cognitive load. 


We worked with key stakeholders within Shell to action some of the items we found, from the bottom up we worked with frontline staff and franchise owners to educate them on the benefits of ClubSmart. From the top down we changed the metrics that dealerships were measured on, from 'volume of fuel sold' to 'share of experience' where stations will be implementing NPS measurements, and Shell will reward them accordingly. 

Through collaborative creative sessions we decided to encourage the already competitive behaviours we had witnessed in dealerships with introducing leagues and scoring based on volume of registered users to ClubSmart.


Our solutions

The initiatives created in this project are currently being tested in the Turkey market, to the client Wunderman facilitated the understanding of the current customer experience through the multitude of touch-points that Shell have created. We audited these and made recommendations for changes throughout the journey. 

We supported creative workshops where we conceptualised solutions to the uncovered challenges and opportunities. Wunderman is now consulting on the roll out of the following initiatives:

  1. Simplify On-boarding with Typeform and Chatbot registration 
  2. Create immediate Welcome CRM to communicate Clubvalue.
  3. Re-engage and re-educate dealers about loyalty value.
  4. Change dealer metrics to customer satisfaction and review contracts.
  5. Co-creation workshops with dealers, create a shared vision for loyalty.

Team credits:

CX / service design: Hannah Steele and Sean Mcharg

Business strategy: Kim Palmer

Accounts: Jessica Brennan