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Museum of Madness

Experiential Design


Is madness really as crazy as we think it is?

The Museum of Madness is a travelling museum designed to be transported and installed across the UK to raise awareness, and challenge the stigmas of mental health. Constructed through multi-sensorial modular shipping containers, it is designed in collaboration with local creative agencies and mental health associations. The audience receives an engaging experience of mental illnesses and symptoms that give the audience a ‘taste of madness’. Projecting an experience that challenges the initial comprehension of mental illness, encourages visitors to explore the stigmas and challenges of such conditions. This immersion urges the audience to question the complexity of their own perceived sanity. The goal of the museum is to create a thorough understanding through empathy. This should result in an increased awareness of mental illness, challenging the audience’s own ideas of ‘madness’ and question if madness is as crazy as they think it is.


Research and concepting

As a team, we conducted desk research, and went on inspiration trips to various museums. After our initial discovery, we all brought interesting visuals to a meeting to discuss what issue we wanted our museum to explore within it's exhibits. We landed on the theme of 'madness' and what that means in today's society.

We created a customer journey with three phases: anticipation, the spectacle and the memory of the experience we wanted to create. For each steps we held a mini brainstorm coming up with ideas for the tickets, exhibits, toilets, the gift shop etc. We tried to be as visual as possible and create A4 concept cards to focus our thinking. 


We created the 'Museum of Madness'...


brand identity


service map


Customer Takeaway


Example Exhibit (Paranoia)

Team credits:
Designers: Hannah Steele, Robert Kaysen, Will Coltart and Struan Wood