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I told myself





When we are buying for ourselves we give into our desires. 

At Wunderman, a fellow experience designer and I have been running a customer research project in order to better understand the path to purchase. We've noticed that when buying customers become convinced that we need a product for it's functional potential, even when it has absolutely none. It's an internal battle where we rationalise the irrational until we give ourselves permission to buy.

We're collecting, sharing and celebrating these stories in order to analyse patterns and gain insight in what drives these powerful moments, as well as highlight the power our internal dialogue on our purchases. 

Our approach was to gather these insights in drawings and stories, sharing them online. The strength of this method lies in human behaviour, what we’ve uncovered is a method of research that people love to be involved in, we’ve found voyeurism in reading these stores and the release of sharing your own. We’ve already applied some of our learnings to brand experiences we’ve created.



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Role: Researcher

Team: Sean Mcharg