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Dyson | Owner Experience


Dyson | Owner Experience



The challenge

To build a unique, and unified owner experience

Dyson is a product focused organisation, that focus has treated them well. However, within the current 'experience landscape' they know they can't keep going with that single focus. At the end of 2016 the customer experience team at Wunderman was tasked with defining the foundations of an owner experience culture and create a roadmap of delivering that OE in the coming year(s).




Team credits:

HAnnah Steele, SEAN MCharg, MArcus REynolds, marc Blaskey, iain saunders.


Co-Service design lead

TIME: SEPT '16 - JAN '17

Developing Understanding

Over 1000 hours of qualitative research

To fully understand the challenge in front of us we had to build a holistic understanding of the current Dyson owner experience. Working with data we undertook a qualitative study that would iteratively build a picture of what it is to own a Dyson machine. We engaged key stakeholders throughout the process, including customers, in store staff, field engineers, third party staff, business owners, and support staff behind the scenes. 

We immersed ourselves in the experience, going through stores, visiting participants in their home, interviewed stakeholders, conducted observational studies and spent days shadowing engineers. In total we conducted over 1000 hours of primary research, that explored a range of complex needs and allowed us to uncover unique insight that would drive the creation of any future experiences. 


What we found

5 key insights 
  • Usage and performance challenges often stem from incorrect and usage of the machine - 'Help me choose' and 'Help me use'.
  • Owners want Dyson purchases to emotionally significant.
  • Indirect and uncontrolled purchase environments fall below "Dyson standards".  
  • Trust represents the biggest opportunity for direct retail experiences.
  • Packaging is not currently a flowing series of planned interactions.


We ran a series of workshops presenting our findings and research activities back to the client, some findings were able to be actioned immediately, for others we had creative sessions where we conceptualised new solutions to the problems, guided by our newly created Dyson experience principles. These solutions were prioritised and then prototyped to test their value. 


Our solutions

Wunderman delivered the components of the customer experience through illustrated customer journeys and scenarios, including key service roles, sales channels, differing owner needs and the role technology can play in the ownership experience.

We also crafted a series of experience principles that would sit alongside Dyson's engineering principles, these would ensure that future experiences would live up to customer expectations of Dyson . Finally, we detailed the key opportunity areas where the future experience could provide value across the whole network.

This project led to a series of other projects where we are beginning to tackle the problems we uncovered. We are currently testing and prototyping our initial ideas and concepts. 


Help me choose mobile experience.

Delightful and valuable registration.

AskDyson, optimising support content.

AskDyson, optimising support content.

An unboxing experience that primes ownership.